April 2024 – General Meeting – “The Development of Currency in America”

April 16, 2024 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Grant R Brimhall Library (Thousand Oaks)

“The Development of Currency in America and How It Affected Your Ancestors”

Speaker: Mark Cross

Currency has played a part in the development of our country and affected your ancestors in ways you might not have known. Trade was for the benefit of the home country. Colonial mints were banned, money was coin only and most was shipped back to England for payment of taxes. As the colonies developed, trade changed, and there were many political debates about acceptable forms of money. Paper money was not a foregone conclusion but developed in the colonies despite the objections of the Crown and Parliament. Learn about how the American Colonies and a new country changed currency for America, England, and the world. Understand a little better the currencies used by your ancestors in early America.

Mark Cross, a professional genealogist, is the Director of Volunteers for the Southern California Genealogical Society. His outgoing personality and knowledge makes his presentations most interesting. Come find out why!

This meeting will be in person at the Grant R Brimhall (Thousand Oaks) Library Community Room


5:45 pm – Doors Open

6:00 pm – Business Meeting

6:30 pm – Evening Program Begins

7:50 pm – Program Ends

8:00 pm – Vacate the Library