Ancestor Look-Ups

During the pandemic, CVGS and the Rancho Conejo Mayflower Society have been able to purchase some new research books and they have been sitting at my home unused.  

Jim Butcher, President of CVGS and Lorraine Kocen, Governor of the Mayflower Society have granted me permission to do lookups in the books until such time as they have been donated to the library, when it reopens. 

​I will list below the titles and the surnames covered.  If one of these might be your ancestor, please send me an email with the name, dates person living and area where they lived to for your inquires.  They will be answered in the order they are received.  


List of covered towns: Andover, Chester, Springfield, Weathersfield, and Windsor.

Surnames included: Allen, Amos, Barney, Barrett, Bartlett, Benjamin, Bisbee, Bishop, Blakeslee, Blunt, Bonney, Brackett, Bradford, Brooks, Butler, Call, Caswell, Chandler, Church,Cooper, Coye, Curtis, Davis, Dean, Dike, Douglas, Dwinell, Earle, Emmons, Farnsworth, Farwell, Getchell, Gile, Gill, Goodwin, Grout, Hall, Harriman, Hastings, Hawley, Heywood, Hoar, Hobart, Hoisington, Holden, Holton, House, Howard, Howe, Hutchinson, Johnson, Judd, Kilburn, King, Little, Lord, Lully, Mann, Mills, Nevery, Norton, Nott, Olcott, Parker, Parkhurst, Patrick, Patterson, Porter, Powers, Priest, Rexford, Robinson, Sargent, Sartwell, Scott, Sears, Simmons, Smead, Smith, Snow, Spafford, Spencer, Spicer, Stevens, Stone, Strong, Thompson, Tuttle, Upham, Wait, Warner, Weston, Whitcomb, Winn, and Wood. 


List of covered towns: Hartford, Hartland (formerly Hertford), Norwich, Pomfret, Sharon, and Woodstock.

Surnames included: Allen, Babcock, Baldwin, Ball, Barrett, Bennett, Benton, Billings, Bliss, Bosworth, Bragg, Bramble, Brink, Brown, Burton, Burtch, Bush, Call, Carpenter, Chedel, Cheney, Child, Clark, Closson, Crane, Crary, Curtis, Damon, Dana, Davis, Deming, Dewey, Dike, Durkee, Fenton, Gates, Gillett, Harding, Harrington, Harvey, Harwood, Hatch, Havens, Hazen, Hodges, Holbrook, Hopson, Howe, Hunter, Huntington, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Jaques, Johnson, Killam, Kingsbury, Knox, Layton, Lee, Lull, Little, Lyon, Marsh, Martin, Mason, Matthews, Messenger, Miner, Morse, Murdock, Newcomb, Paine, Parkhurst, Partridge, Pease, Pinneo, Powers, Richards, Richardson, Robinson, Rood, Russell, Rust, Sanderson, Sargent, Savage, Sessions, Shepard, Slafter, Slapp, Smalley, Smith, Spaulding, Spooner, Sprague, Squire, Strong, Symmes, Taylor, Thatcher, Tilden, Turner, Udall, Waldo, Waterman, Weston, Wheeler, Whitcomb, Willard, Williams, Wilson, Woodward, and Wright.

IN 1790:VOL 3

Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties.

Arnold Barnard Bartlett Berry Birge Bradley Brooks Brown Burch Chamberlin Coss [Corse] Cowles Crafts Dalrymple Davis Donderson Edson Ferry Fowler Fuller, Gardner, Gibbs, Hall Herrick, Ingell, Joyner, Kendall, Lilly, Lewis [Luce], Lyon, Martin, Mayhew, Needham, Newell, Norton, Payne, Peirce, Pepper, Phillips, Porter, Powell, Presho, Safford, Shumway, Smith, Snow, Stockwell, Taylor, Thayer, Trask, Wells, West, White, Williams ,Wise,Worden, Yale.

IN 1790: VOL 4

Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin Counties

Baggs, Bardwell, Barton, Benson, Blodgett, Brown, Burbank, Campbell,Cleveland, Colman, Congdon, Converse, Cowles, Cranson. Curtis, Denison, Dole, French, Gleason, Hall, Hollis, Hull, Hunt, Kendall, Knox, Mack, Morton, Parsons, Phillips, Prince, Rawson, Robinson, Safford, Sanderson, Seward, Shattuck, Sherman, Smith, Spalding, Stebbins, Stockwell, Tower, Wait, Walker, Walton, Wells, Wilbur, Williams, Wright,