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Resources for Census Records





support.ancestry.com/s/article/Free-Research-Guides  (scroll down to Census for four downloads)

A census record may be the only record available for documenting the events of a person’s life, when other records do not exist.  A census can extend your pedigree further back and add missing family members.  There is a high probability of finding the person for whom you are searching in a census since about 90% of U.S. citizens are listed in the censuses.

Additional census resources can be found in the CVGS June Genealogist (Page 3)

Protect Your Passwords:  FREE – Check if your email, password, or phone number is in a data breach.  I found these two:

EG: Ancestry: RootsWeb suffered a data breach.  The Nov 2015 breach was found in late 2017. Almost 300k email addresses and plain text passwords were taken.


EG: MyHeritage: Files of its now-for-sale database were taken in October 2017, it told the world in 2018.  Compromised data: Email addresses, Passwords


Actions to take:

  • Change your passwords at all sites you use.
  • Create strong, unique passwords, save in your web browser or password manager.
  • Use passwords of 14+ letters & numbers & special characters.
  • Use a second/multi step verification (phone / email code) whenever possible.

It takes a hacker 2 seconds to crack a 7-letter password. It takes 730 years to crack a 14-letter password!


Why you need 14+ letter Passwords