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Resources for Newest online genealogy records, Fraud in Genealogy, “RootsTech videos online” & Source citations

Newest Online Genealogy Records

Fraud in Genealogy – Genealogists beware.  A software company is marketing a new program to internet advertisers that could quickly generate websites full of extensive, but fake, family trees.  For full story, go to:

Additional resources for fraud can be found here.

Source Citations  (Numerous articles regarding source citations.)  (Extensive article about source citations.)

Citation Examples

(Full Citation) Author, Title, Publication Location, Publisher Name, Publication Date, Page #

(Automatic Citation at FamilySearch) Title, Website, Access Date, Name (S), Record Date, Location, Source and Archive Location

(Minimum Citation) Title, (Location, Subject), Page #, Author, Publication Date, Archive / Website

Primary/Secondary Sources: “Birth certificate: when reported by the mother, or the father who was present, or attending midwife/physician, the date of birth and sex of the baby are primary information.  If the age or birthplace of the mother is reported by the father, it is secondary information.”

Primary/Secondary Sources: “Death certificate: the date and place of death, reported by someone present, are primary information.  The person’s age, birthplace, and parents’ names of the deceased would all be secondary – the only reason the person reporting would know these is by being told earlier.” Please see the attachment “Genealogy Citations” found here.