Writing Interest Group

The Writing Interest Group is a self-directed group dedicated to helping each other write and contribute stories each month about our family history or our own history. The group goals are to produce stories to share at each meeting and then to help each other by editing and critiquing the work. Since there are seven different ways of editing, the groups is able to help each other create a finished story. Groups like this are small and intimate with each person having similar goals, both personally and as a group.

For family history stories, the author adds context to the facts and family events of their ancestor. If possible, the author adds pictures of the time and location where the ancestor lived to create the setting for the family and their life.

For the monthly meeting, the group sends out work in advance so members can consider comments to share at the meeting. The best critique should strengthen, clarify, rearrange, or correct the grammar of the work, all in a positive way. The author listens to the discussion, making notes, and later considers whether to change their work or not.

Please come if you would like to watch the process to see if a group would be right for you.

Upcoming Writing Group Meetings

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